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Experience Europe from your own shared home.

Available Fractional Ownership Shares

France: Maison Bleue

A Village House near the Canal du Midi with 3 bedroom & 3 baths, this fractional ownership property in Quarante, France is named after one of my favorite French tunes from the 1970’s, “C’est Une Maison Bleue”. It didn’t hurt that the wooden shutters were painted that gorgeous shade of blue we call “Bleu Ciel” or Sky Blue.

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France: Catalonia on the Sea

Picture yourself waking up to the sun rising over the Mediterranean, just outside your bedroom window and deciding whether to head for nearby Spain (only 5 km from this coastal town) or go north to Collioure. Located in the authentic fishing village of Cerbere, you have rail access to all of Europe.

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Italy: Casa Leone

An historic medieval Umbrian townhome, Casa Leone (House of the Lion) is located in the historic center of the picturesque town of Monteleone d’Orvieto. With rail links to Rome and to Florence from nearby Fabro, be prepared to step back in time as you walk through the 16th C portal, down a cobblestone street to our fractional ownership home.

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France: Moulin a Vent

You will love this fractional ownership property as it is stunningly beautiful with a private garden to enjoy your favorite rose or apéritif. About 10 years ago, Moulin a Vent was expanded to double its original size and was lovingly furnished with a combination of French antiques, wicker and pine furniture, firm beds, and unique lighting. A 2 bedroom, 2 bath home, for those who find stairs daunting, this is my only fractional property with a bedroom and living area on the ground floor.

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France: Crazy for Cruzy

Tastefully renovated by an architect, this large village home (145m2) features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a garage and is in the wine-makers village of Cruzy. The icing on the cake? A gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooking the village square.

View Crazy for Cruzy

France: La Placette

La Placette or “the little place” is a 2 bedroom 2 bath south-facing village home, located in an unspoiled corner of the Languedoc, Montouliers. With exposed wood beams, original stone walls and wood floors, it has been lovingly restored. On the top floor, there’s a sunny terrace with views of the village rooftops and the belfry of the old church.

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Your dream of a vacation home is within reach.

If you are looking for a second home abroad but have limited time and resources to commit to full ownership, fractional ownership may be the perfect property solution for you. It is a concept that allows you to invest in real estate at a fraction of the cost and responsibilities. It simply means that the property’s title or deed is legally divided into fractional ownership shares for each of the owners.

“How fortunate we feel to have this little piece of heaven!”

Fractional OwnerLondon, UK

Offering affordable, elegant fractional ownership in France and Italy

From the start, I’ve always wanted to offer homes which “make the heart sing.” Think old stone walls, charming nooks and crannies, history, light, a kind of charm which draws you in.

It’s a bit like meeting someone for the first time whom you feel you’ve known and liked forever. It’s nothing like staying in the most charming hotel — this place is yours!

Your books and favorite walks, cafes, friendship with other owners in the group, the neighbors across the way. You climb into a different space, time zone, language, way of living. It colors the way you look at yourself and at others, and most importantly, how you view the world.

What our owners are saying...

We LOVE Maison Bleue and have made great use of the share with family and friends. Needless to say, fractional ownership was a great decision.

Lorraine LernerLos Angeles, CA

Thank you for easing us through the process of purchasing a fractional ownership share of Casa Leone in Italy. Our experience as owners there was wonderful!

Dana and JimCharleston, SC

I am so overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude. We all are incredibly fortunate to have this place in the sun to call our own.

Scott and AnneKetchum, ID

What is Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership simply means the division of a property (or any asset) into portions or shares. Instead of owning the property yourself, you own a percentage or share of the property. The property’s title or deed is legally divided into shares for each of the owners.

Why do it?

The two primary benefits people gain when they share ownership are: greatly reduced costs (purchase and maintenance) and mitigated risk of ownership. As properties appreciate in value (or not), so do the shares.

Why do we choose village properties in France and Italy rather than urban ones?

To achieve my goal of offering elegant yet affordable properties without a constant flow of tourists outside your door, finding historic properties in small villages in proximity to larger towns really made sense. That has been the focus of International Property Shares.

What about management and yearly fees?

Annual property expenses for International Property Shares fractional owners include homeowners’ insurance, property taxes, internet and cable, utilities, and a contingency fund. A good estimate for these costs is $850 -$1,400 for the 4-8 weeks of time an owner will spend at the property. This amounts to roughly $200 per week per share, considerably less than the typical $1000 per week charge for a timeshare. Management costs for International Property Share fractional properties tend to be quite affordable. Management may be overseen by an owner/manager or by an outside management team.

Stay in the know

Still looking for that perfect fractional ownership property to meet your needs? I can help! One of the first to create a successful co-ownership property in France (1998), I know the nuts and bolts of developing a beautifully designed and desirable fractional ownership property.

You will be guided in the process of how to choose the best location, creating a legal framework, and the marketing and management of your dream pied-à-terre in Europe.

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