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International Property Shares Consulting Services

Ginny BlackwellI am a seasoned property expert and fractional ownership pioneer who has helped dozens of families realize their dream of living in France or in Italy since 1988. With a wonderful home base in Europe, you enjoy the benefits of ownership with none of the headaches and expenses of managing a second home.

My job is to find the ideal property at an affordable price, handle the multiple requirements for foreign ownership, and provide you with a turn-key property to use and to enjoy. Some real estate considerations include:

The Three Rights: finding a desirable property in the “right” location at the “right” price and with the “right” amenities.

Financing & Legal: establishing the best legal framework for shared ownership, raising enough capital to cover property acquisition, legal charges, marketing, management, running costs, and furnishings.

Services: Providing all necessary marketing and management services to successfully complete (sell) all associated shares in a property LLC.

If you have questions about fractional ownership or who want to discuss a new partnership opportunity, I’d be delighted to set up a free one-hour consultation.

You may reach me by email at or by calling (206) 321-3547 (PST)

For those who are establishing their own fractional properties or who want to learn the ins and outs of fractional ownership, please contact me personally for my fee structure.

Selecting a fractional ownership property

Buying a share is an easy process once you have decided which property best suits your needs. A good way to begin is to understand the in’s and out’s of fractional ownership. Some of these details are found here: Frequently Asked Questions – International Property Shares.

Then, look at the Operating Agreement which spells out the owner rights and responsibilities of the LLC. The Operating Agreement is the guiding document for the booking of time, the management and ongoing upkeep of the property, and it provides a blueprint for the cooperative use of the co-ownership property.

Next, request a free consultation with Ginny to see what resale shares are available for sale and to see whether an in-person visit is a good next step. We will go over the booking system, discuss annual dues, what to see and do in the area and generally offer a better glimpse of what fractional ownership is like.

The Share Transfer Process

Once you decide to buy a share, here are the steps in the share transfer process:

  1. Buyer sends International Property Shares a Letter of Intent to purchase a given share of a property.
  2. The current owner group is given first Rights of Refusal to buy the share.
  3. If no current owner wishes to purchase the share, both Buyer and Seller sign the Sales Agreement document.
  4. An initial good faith deposit is sent to International Property Shares.
  5. The Buyer sends a signed and dated copy of the Operating Agreement to International Property Shares.
  6. The Seller electronically provides me with a signed Bill of Sale.
  7. Once the balance of the funds has been wired to the Seller, the Bill of Sale becomes effective.
  8. The Seller mails the Buyer a signed original Bill of Sale and the keys.

“How fortunate we feel to have this little piece of heaven!!”

Sue and BrooksFractional Owners

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