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Your Fractional Home Expert

Ginny Blackwell

With 25 years of experience in the European real estate market and a passion for helping others to realize their dream of owning a slice of heaven, Ginny is the perfect resource to understand the nuts and bolts of fractional ownership.

Ginny Blackwell

In September 1998, we bought our first home in France, a “to-die-for”, romantic, centuries-old farmhouse in the Dordogne area of Southwest France. All of the magic of France, its rolling countryside, and the streaming sunlight which filled our country kitchen at La Bruyere, a four bedroom, 2 bath renovated farmhouse east of Bordeaux.​

I’ve loved travelling ever since I spent a year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne at age 20. Over the next ten years I managed to bike, hike or travel through Canada, Europe, Latin America and the beautiful USA. Later, I finished a Masters in International Business from The American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are plenty of things I love about Europe but one of the main reasons is the manner of slow living. It’s more about the journey than the destination. I love the poppies in May, the Citroën 2CVs and Fiats, and the way the French and Italian language connects me deeply to its history and people.

When I’m not at one of my home shares in the Dordogne, the Languedoc or Italy, I enjoy living in the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest. Don’t forget to sign up for my award-winning e-letter, your best way to stay up to date on new shares for sale.

When I arrived back in Portland, Oregon, we set about convincing like-minded friends and Francophiles that it would be a marvelous plan to cooperatively own the house, each have 6 weeks of use, and to share the on-going expenses. This was the beginning of International Property Shares and years and years of unforgettable memories.​

I have has helped dozens of families to realize their dream of living in France or in Italy. My job is to find the ideal property at an affordable price, handle the multiple requirements for foreign ownership, and provide you with a turn-key property to use and to enjoy. With a wonderful home base in Europe, you enjoy the benefits of ownership with none of the headaches and expenses of managing a second home. ​

My experience in searching for homes which stand out to me, is that they are not easy to find. When I do discover one, I jump at it! It is a leap of faith which is sure to delight and enrich you.

I’m delighted happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my 25 years in the European fractional property real estate market to help you realize your dreams of owning your own slice of heaven.

For a consultation, email Ginny at or by calling (206) 321-3547 (PST)

“The Mistral is gently blowing, it is 30 degrees, and we entered this cool and medieval wonderland of a home in Provence. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

Fractional Owner from Australia