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The decor is Vogue Living and exquisite and we have so much room, so many windows and views and yet when it's all closed it's quiet and calm.  The kitchen is full of useful staples and just like a real home. The shop was closed (being Sat afternoon) so we will go tomorrow morning when it's open again.  However the artisan baker opened at 4:30 so we snaffled bread which she sliced, and 3 big fat pastries.

Owners in Provence


Buying a Fractional Home from you seemed too good to be true, but it is everything you said it was and more. We love the place, the location, living in our own home in France and getting to know our neighbors, shopkeepers and other property owners. Thank you for making our dream come true.

Le Muguet Owners


We are loving our adventure together here in France and we've never been happier. We're having fun on hikes,  exploring, embracing the culture, the land the people- trying to learn French and make new friends.

Le Muguet Owners


"I am so overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude.  We all are incredibly fortunate to have this place in the sun to call our own.  At home today there is still snow on my lawn.  And today too...I visited the most fascinating fortress where they were setting up for a reenactment of some battle long past, about an hour's drive into Tuscany.   After our tour we enjoyed a fabulous lunch in Montepulciano (or just outside) at La Grotta.  A little higher priced than some of our local places but well worth the stop on a days tour.   From there we headed home...its so great to say "headed Home".

Casa Leone Owner


I want to thank you for easing us through the process of purchasing a share of Casa Leone in Italy.  Our experience as owners there was wonderful!  Then when we sold it, you made the sale quick and easy.  Thank you for patience, expertise and delightful sense of humor!  Couldn't have done it without you!!!

Dana and Jim


"I am writing to say that we heartily endorse the fractional ownership concept. We share the house with 9 other couples, each having it for 5 weeks a year. 

We love the idea of owning a house, and equally love the idea that it is not just ours. This means that the total responsibility for maintenance, repairs, management, etc., does not fall totally on just us. Yet with a five week period (we are just ending ours), you really feel like you live in the house, the village, and the surrounding areas. It is truly a second home."

Owner in Languedoc


The Mistral is gently blowing, it is 30 degrees, and we entered this cool and medieval wonderland of a home in Provence.  One of the best decisions we’ve ever made

Owners from Australia


"How fortunate we feel to have this little piece of heaven!  London, UK

Owners from the UK


A narrow cobblestone street leads to the old village where we find Casa Leone. This is everyone’s dream of a typical Italian villa- thick wall, ancient beamed ceilings, and comfortable stylish furnishings. We were delighted to find the fridge full of wine, fruit, cheese and milk; such a welcoming touch!  Wellington  New Zealand

Casa Leone Owners


"The Dordogne is a wonderful spot and the house charmingly decorated. Our memories of castles, country markets, and amazing food and wine will last a lifetime."  Vancouver, CA

Owners of La Bruyere

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 Our story:

“When our family spent a sabbatical year in the south of France in 2002-03, we were enthralled with the slow pace of life, the fresh market produce, and life along the Canal du Midi where families showed up to stroll on a daily basis, typically starting around four o'clock in the afternoon. It wasn't hard to visualize ourselves slipping into this lifestyle.”

A drawback for us was that many French houses didn't "sing" to us. I realize that sounds far-fetched but it's true. They were often scrunched between other village dwellings and felt long and narrow with no sense of flow. Or they had run down facades and were situated on a busy thoroughfare. Or quite simply, were too expensive for our second home in France needs...

Enter La Placette in Montouliers, France.   Occitan language. She appealed to our senses  In this quintessential "hilltop-type" village with cobblestone streets, the village homes spoke of love and care, often with flower boxes lining their walkways. Best of all, our treasure had all the charm one could ever desire. It even met our budget guidelines!

Ginny Blackwell, International Property Shares Owner

Cruzy decorating 059_edited.jpg

Buying (part of) a house in France...What's as good as buying a vacation house overseas? Buying part of one! That’s what we did after visiting France for the last 5 years. Using a website that specializes in selling shares of holiday homes, we found a house in the Languedoc region of spider France. We visited the house in a little village called Cruzy, near Narbonne, while we were vacationing in franc last year, and decided to take the plunge. We have use of this 3 bedroom, 3 bath village house for 6 weeks per year- 3 in high season and 3 in the off season.

We just returned from our first 2-week vacation and it was great! Not only did we have a place to stay but we also got to be a part of the daily life in the village. The house was built in the 12th century and is as solid as a fortress, with stone walls three feet thick. Inside it has been completely renovated and brought up to modern standards with all conveniences and furnishings. It is located on the main square of the village, next to a wonderful 10th century church whose bells chime every hour. Each morning we would walk to the patisserie around the cornier and buy fresh croissants and baguettes. Then we could go to nearby farmer's market or marches ( pronounced marshays) to buy our fresh meats, fruits, and ingredients. As a matter of fact, all the food in France was fantastic, whether we ate at a restaurant or on our rooftop terrace.

If you want a vacation place in Europe, but don't like the idea of leaving it vacant most of the year, look into buying a share of a house.

California, USA

Crazy for Cruzy Owners


After following the progress at for 7 years on Ginny's blog, we became shareholders in June 2017. We arrived for our first stay on August 10, which was also the first day of the annual .Fete Votive in Vers Pont du Gard. The first night there was a lively dinner, attended mostly by locals. The next 5 days were filled with music, festivities and bull running around the square right outside our front door!   It was definitely a special memory for our first visit.

The ensuing days were filled with activity - collecting warm croissants from the Boulangerie around the corner, morning coffee on the terrace in the sun with the landscape stretching into the far distance, maybe dawdling in the square to buy fresh vegetables, visits to Avignon, to Le Pont itself, or to Uzes and further afield. The choice of good restaurants was amazing. A convenient easy find was the adjacent village of Castillon with its friendly bar, three fine restaurants and amazing luxury hotel. A highlight was a romantic dinner outdoors at the Vieux Castillon with its breathtaking views at sundown.

The challenge was often to work out what to do when so much was available on the doorstep. We did travel around considerably down to Marseilles airport to collect guests and down to Nîmes to see the archaeology and where arbitrarily we ran into a relative! There was a lot of cooking over the four weeks, tempted by the exquisite local produce and great wines - and cheese! The kitchen was very suitable. No day was complete without dropping into the local bar, or enjoying a cocktail on the terrace in the warmth of the long evenings, absorbing the amazing atmosphere.

Our first visit was extraordinary- truly a dream come true. We are looking forward to our 2018 visit coming up in a few months!  

Provence Owners

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