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Living in France and Italy

Living the Dream

What is it like to live in France or Italy in a fractional home? Well, it's like having your home fully furnished home in a beautiful village, city or in the countryside. 

You are living in a thriving community. You get to know the local shopkeepers, neighbors and the rhythm of life.  You buy your groceries at the weekly farmer's market and you enjoy a glass of wine at your neighborhood bar. You are cheering for the local football team along with the others in your community, dining under the stars at an outdoor cafe or going for a bike ride on the local trail.

Take a look below at some of the local activities, dining and sightseeing enjoyed by our share owners. 

Living in France and Italy...: Bio


Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, biking, harvesting, cooking classes, French lessons, wine tastings


Visiting villages, Roman ruins, museums, festivals, music events, Tour de France, castles and prehistoric caves


Markets, Restaurants, Wineries, Cooking Schools, Specialty Shops, Local Ingredients and Recipes

Living in France and Italy...: Skills
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